Viktoria Wagner, PI

• Since 2018, Assistant Professor, U Alberta
• 2016-2017, Researcher, Masaryk U, Chytrý lab
• 2014-2016, Marie Curie Fellow, Masaryk U, Chytrý lab
• 2012-2014, Postdoc, Masaryk U, Chytrý lab
• 2011-2012, Humboldt Fellow, U Montana, Nelson lab


• PhD, U of Halle-Wittenberg, Hensen lab, 2011
• Diploma (MSc), U Göttingen, Bergmeier lab, 2006

Undergraduate Research Students
Diana Johnstone, BIOL 498, winter 2018
Mining herbarium data to assemble information on non-native plants in Alberta

The Wagner lab was launched in January 2018 and is recruiting new lab members.
Intererested in joining the lab? Passionate about plant ecology, love doing fieldwork or writing code? Check out our Join us page. Or write an e-mail to Viktoria.